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Notorious cupcakes!

hi welcome to the awesome sauce that is this blog. I post things relevant to gaming and random lolz sometimes i post/reblog gamer food. I'm an aussie nerd girl with a love for all things epic and creative. I hope you enjoy this little blog i've had for 4 years now... peace out~! xx


and here’s my thoughts: hulk= the funniest most over powerful beast ever, easily the strongest of them all by far. iron man= the TRUE hero in the end and the most sarcastically funny 

black widdow= omg i wish i had a body like scarlett johanson, and damn she’s so kick arse. 

the movie was well scripted and the fight scenes were amazing, like every marvel movie it showed the humanity of the super heroes and doesn’t portray them as just “freaks”. 

so glad i watched it today as tomorrows saturday (my full on workout day) and it’s got me pumped to do my best and go for longer! 

have you guys seen the movie? what did you think of it?

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  2. wyldlydisturbing answered: I am incredibly grateful that they finally did the Hulk justice. I loved the movie,
  3. yungnona answered: Watched it! I love black widow omg, she’s the shit.
  4. briser-le-cercle answered: I loved the movie to pieces. Especially Iron Man, but he’s always been my favorite.
  5. kami-kp said: And did you realize that Tony Stark was wearing all the time a “Black Sabbath” shirt? :D Does he like it or what?
  6. kami-kp answered: watched it yesterday in 3D (because there is no 2D version in our cinema <.< ) and it is was amazing. i love it. want to see it again :D
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