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Notorious cupcakes!

hi welcome to the awesome sauce that is this blog. I post things relevant to gaming and random lolz sometimes i post/reblog gamer food. I'm an aussie nerd girl with a love for all things epic and creative. I hope you enjoy this little blog i've had for 4 years now... peace out~! xx


iron man cake! :O

iron man cake! :O

war machine and iron man sneakers

iron man macbook sticker

iron man macbook sticker

"To celebrate the release of the Iron Man 2 movie, Superherohype-forums member Masterle 247 is building a replica of War Machine’s costume, complete with all his gadgets.

Masterle 247 posted some cool photos of his work so far, and I have to say it already looks very impressive. The suit is made up of high impact urethane pieces, held together by around 600 rivets, it features a shoulder mini gun and rockets, an arc reactor, light-up eyes and even repulsor gauntlets.

But Masterle 247 says his creation is far from finished. He wants to make his war Machine costume bulkier, more tank-like, so every part of his body is covered when he wears it.

I’m really glad War Machine and Iron Man will be able to get together in real life soon. Oh, if you guys really meet, make sure you take some photos and send them over” (original post


that is one dedicated fan O.O