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Notorious cupcakes!

hi welcome to the awesome sauce that is this blog. I post things relevant to gaming and random lolz sometimes i post/reblog gamer food. I'm an aussie nerd girl with a love for all things epic and creative. I hope you enjoy this little blog i've had for 4 years now... peace out~! xx


people seem to have been recently adding their own extra touch to these usually childish and uninteresting toys transforming them into awesome pieces of art~! I’ve seen custom versions of many things and was uber impressed when i came across these O.O 

this one’s by far my favourite XD

there’s even one for WoW fans XD

ah omg a stormtrooper pony O.O what has the world come to… a zelda mylittlepony O.O.. props to the people who spend the time and put the effort into making something seemingly boring pretty damn cool XD