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Notorious cupcakes!

hi welcome to the awesome sauce that is this blog. I post things relevant to gaming and random lolz sometimes i post/reblog gamer food. I'm an aussie nerd girl with a love for all things epic and creative. I hope you enjoy this little blog i've had for 4 years now... peace out~! xx


it’s disrespectful to emb a “follow …’s tumblr?” page onto SOMEONE ELSE’S original post


matured,poet, meaningful and artistic people are “depressed” 

creative,smart, inquisitive and interesting people are “crazy” 

and brainwashed people who follow what’s fashionable in society, who blend into the same colour as everybody else and pretend to enjoy and like things they truly hate or do not understand are “normal” 

well you know what? i’d rather be dubbed “depressed” or “crazy”  because normal unfortunately is just too boring for me

domo kun stalking my tumblr again..

domo kun stalking my tumblr again..

you’re head can hurt from simply thinking too much, your heart can ache from the actions or words of others (things that do not even touch us physically). You’re kindly encouraged to do exactly what others know can only bring you pain, emotions often take over and you loose mind over matter. you’re blamed and looked down upon for something you were brought into by the very people who look down upon it.. you are stereotyped and have assumptions made based upon appearance. Even though you’re told to be yourself,when you are it’s not good enough or people think your plain weird… 

"express yourself" is codeword for "express what society finds acceptable"  

freedom has restrictions,liberty with limitation, you can do and say anything you want as long as its socially acceptable..

yeah fuck being a human being ima go be a unicorn and fly over shizz:D

rilakkuma’s at morning glory

rilakkuma’s at morning glory

Lol happy 2nd of august, hope u guys have a good day! (that’s a solar powered dancing monkey :o be jelly!)

Lol happy 2nd of august, hope u guys have a good day! (that’s a solar powered dancing monkey :o be jelly!)